Work in Progress

Projects that are in the process of being built

Speeder Bike

I promised myself that I wouldn’t  start any new projects until I finished a few of the ones sitting on my desk.

But after being in a real funk I needed some motivation. I felt the urge to get back to the workbench and build something. I wanted to do a quick build, just a few ...

Candy package flyer

Built this one during the summer of 2018. It was my first project after moving to Japan. I didn’t have many supplies and model bits then, having left them in America, so I made due with what I had available: candy containers, plastic spoons, and lots of apoxie putty.

After posting this photo on different social ...

The 3 Amigos

The 3 Amigos. The BotHead Trilogy.

Made these guys from different bits and pieces. Things like caps, keyboard keys, plastic spoons, legos, and other bits.


Robot Bust

Summers in Japan are miserable hot and humid. Usually too humid to use the airbrush, so I busied myself making a lot of new projects.

This was a fun little project. I started it just to be doing something. I didn’t have any ideas in mind other than I wanted to make something. (more…)

Walker Tank

A fun and quick kit-bash I did last year. Based on the part I used it’s 1/35 scale. Took about a week to build…that’s really quick for me.


Kustomized K-2SO Action Figure

I’ve been inspired by a lot of creative artists that customize action figures and have wanted to give it a try. I just so happened to have a Black Series K2SO action figure sitting around just asking to be customized.

I reimagined him as a futuristic traveling monk. Spreading peace and righting wrongs.

I’ll add some more ...

BotHead! Update!

Here’s some new photos of the finished (except paint) BotHead!

I added his backpack and few other small details.


Unnamed Droid

I built this guy with the idea of making copies in mind. My goal was to build him in multiple parts that could be put together. I’m used to making things as one offs, so this was fun to do.

For his body I used the cap (always with the caps) off an oversized pen my ...

P.O.P. Eye

Here’s one of the new projects I’ve been working on. I had an idea in my head of making a robot with lots of round surfaces. I wanted him really “bubbly” looking and cartoonish. He went through several iterations before I finally decided I needed to move on.  I’m not completely satisfied on how he ...

Next big thing

I was going through my parts box the other day and came across some really cool pieces that I’ve been wanting to use. Among them were a couple of tank kits. I started toying with them, trying different configurations to see what would look cool. I didn’t have any intention of starting a new project, ...

WarBot! Now with hands!!

On last update for the night…

My WarBot! is now complete. The last thing to complete were his hands. I had originally intended to use some Gundam kit hands but they were too detailed and looked out of place with the rest of the model. Since WarBot! is modeled after the designs of Ashley Wood’s WWR ...

Then suddenly, the light went on

I have been struggling with how to make the tentacles for my mechanical jellyfish. I wanted them to look mechanical but natural, to flow as if in water (even though the jellyfish would be floating in the air) and to be fairly long.

My first attempt was with green stuff. I bought the tube maker set from ...