Walker Tank

A fun and quick kit-bash I did last year. Based on the part I used it’s 1/35 scale. Took about a week to build…that’s really quick for me.

I’ve accumulated the parts while here in Japan. Different hobby shops and hobby shows sell parts sprues for cheap. You never know what parts you’ll find.

I picked up the legs from in a hobby shop in Akihabara (Yellow Submarine if you go). They’re from a ModelCollect Walker Tank. They only had 3. I was holding off using them hoping the store would get more in stock, but thought this looked cool as a tripod.

The other parts I picked up recently at the Tokyo Hobby Show. The dome is from a MiniArt Sharotank. Sadly, they only had the one. I would have bought many more if they had had them.

My original idea for this was to make another anti-grav/flying jellyfish type machine. But thought it was time to do something a little different.