Where I share updates and progress on projects I’m working on.

Frog Bomber Squadron 42. Finished!

I built this flyer several years ago and after many starts and stops, I’ve finally finished it.

I like how it turned out. I think the colors fit the rounded and playful shapes. I really like rounded and organic shapes. Originally I wanted to make it somewhat cartoonish and didn’t intend to add any weathering. But ...

Egg Bomber: Danger Betty. Finished!

This Egg ship is another old build that’s been patiently waiting for paint. At long last that day has come.

This was somewhat inspired by the Sentinel drones in the Matrix, even though it looks nothing like them. I envisioned this as an unmanned drone of some sort and wanted it to look stealthy. I always ...

Candy package flyer

Built this one during the summer of 2018. It was my first project after moving to Japan. I didn’t have many supplies and model bits then, having left them in America, so I made due with what I had available: candy containers, plastic spoons, and lots of apoxie putty.

After posting this photo on different social ...

WarBot! Finished!

Another project finished. Another project a long time in the making. I held off painting this guy in the hopes of one day making copies of it. That plan never came to fruition so I decided to finally paint it. Inspired by Ashley Wood’s World War Robot art, I made this guy using capsule tops ...

K-2SO Wastelands Version

This is the second customized K-2SO that I’ve done. The first is my 6″ Black Series version. This one is a 1/12 scale kit from Bandai. It was a fun kit to make and is really detailed. A lot of the detail that was hinted at in the black series version is crisp and clear ...

F1-5H Finished!

I finally finished painting this little guy. I built him years ago and he’s been waiting patiently. In addition to painting him, I renamed him as well. Before he was known simply as Sakana (fish in Japanese). He shall now be known as F1-5H. I had always envisioned him as a rust bucket that has ...

The 3 Amigos

The 3 Amigos. The BotHead Trilogy.

Made these guys from different bits and pieces. Things like caps, keyboard keys, plastic spoons, legos, and other bits.


Robot Bust

Summers in Japan are miserable hot and humid. Usually too humid to use the airbrush, so I busied myself making a lot of new projects. This was a fun little project. I started it just to be doing something. I didn’t have any ideas in mind other than I wanted to make something.


Walker Tank

A fun and quick kit-bash I did last year. Based on the part I used it’s 1/35 scale. Took about a week to build…that’s really quick for me.


Chomp Troopers

Chomp Troopers by Jake Parker and Industria Mechanika.


Y-Wing Fighter

I bought a few of Bandai’s 1/144 scale Star Wars model kits while I was in Japan a couple of years ago. They were cheap and looked cool. It’s incredible how much detail Bandai was able to fit into such a small kit! The kit is a breeze to assemble and no glue is needed. I ...