Scratch Build

Projects built from scratch using little existing parts

Hover Tank HT-2

Project started in spring 2020

This was another quick project I did. I didn’t have a plan or anything particular in mind, I just threw together a bunch of shapes I thought worked good together. Parts used were a CPAP mask, a case for small screwdriver set, a candy package (choco-baby again!), and model parts.

I imagine ...

Turbo Racers

Project started in early 2019

I don’t have process photos for this project. It was something I was working on in between other projects.

I bought a correction tape dispenser at a ¥100 shop because I liked the shape. I used it (body), the lid of a dessert cup (body), the top of an electric toothbrush (engines), ...

Cloud Jumper

Project started in early 2019

This was very much inspired by the work of Ian McQue. I wanted to make a flying vehicle in his style. I wanted to make it a bit more rounded so I used a gatcha capsule for the basic shape. I built onto this with different model parts from tank kits and ...

Spice Miner

Project started in early 2019

I think I was inspired by the pods used for mining in Guardians of the Galaxy. I had the idea to make a little ship that would go out and collect spice(?), space gas(?). Who knows what.

I took two gatcha capsules and glued the larger halves together. I then cut an ...

Brute Speeder

Project Started in Summer 2019

I wanted to make a vehicle that looked both fast and bulky. Something that looked like it had weight. I had a design in mind for awhile. Using parts from the parts box, a pudding cup, the top of an air freshener, and my favorite candy packaging (choco-baby -large and small) ...

Behemoth Tank

Project started in Summer 2021

For a while now I’ve wanted to try a scratch-build using nothing but styrene plastic and model bits. So I decided now was the time.

I had an idea for a flying tug. Kinda dull, but I wanted to keep the design simple since I wouldn’t be able to rely on my ...

Jellyfish – Finished!

Finished in early 2021.

Finished for now. I think I want the tentacles to have more “flow”. I’ll have to find a new way to make them (if I do decide to reposition them). These are made from Sculpey and are super fragile. I broke half of them while drybrushing them. At any rate, calling it ...


Started this project in spring 2022 after a long hiatus. We moved to a new house in late 2021 and that kept us busy for awhile.

I always like to get back into my hobby by making something. As always, I intended it to be a quick project but decided I might attempt to make this ...

Hover Tank – Finished!

I finally finished my hover tank build.

This is another of my old builds that sat around waiting for some paint. At the time I built it I wasn’t too confident in my painting and weathering skills and I really wanted to do a good job on it. I felt now was as good of a ...

Speeder Bike

I promised myself that I wouldn’t  start any new projects until I finished a few of the ones sitting on my desk.

But after being in a real funk I needed some motivation. I felt the urge to get back to the workbench and build something. I wanted to do a quick build, just a few ...

Robot Bust – Finished!

  Finished the last member of the 3 Amigos, BotHead Trilogy. I don’t have a clever name for him.   I gave him a pretty simple paint job. I liked how he looks, so I didn’t do any weathering on him and kept him clean.   These robot busts are fun to make. I’ll be making more in the future ...

Alien Astronaut – Finished!

Finished my big headed alien astronaut.

I made him from a car air freshener (face), plastic spoons (top of head and “wings”), legos, old earbuds, and model bits. The body is sculpted from scratch.

Not sure if he’s finished yet or not. I like how he looks now but he seems a bit flat. I may revisit ...