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Custom Water Slide Decals on Sale

I am selling these custom designed water slide decal sets.

They are high quality water slide decals printed in full color (including white). Each sheet is A6 size (148mm x 105mm).

Price is $13 USD per sheet or $22 for 2 sheets. Includes shipping from Japan.

If you’re interested please contact me at

The inspiration for me

As long as I can remember I’ve always loved making models. I started off making Testors’ military kits and MPC Star Wars kits. I remember clearly my first kit was the US Paratroops set. For birthdays and special occasions I bought Tamiya tank kits.

But my first love, Star Wars, always inspired me most. I would ...

Getting the blog caught up

After moving to Japan I neglected my blog in favor of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. The instant feedback there was motivating. With all my project update posts going on social media my blog has became way outdated. But now that the blog has been redesigned it’s time to get it caught up. ...

New Website Design!

Welcome to the new and improved Sabihobby website. The new design will allow me to better showcase and organize my work.

It’s now divided into sections based on content. The Main Page will show my most recent works. The Projects page will show all posts for projects I’ve done. The Photography page will show photos I’ve ...

Mandalorian – Spaghetti Western Style (Video)

Here’s a couple of videos for The Mandalorian in the style of old spaghetti westerns like The Good, Bad, and the Ugly. I think they’re a perfect match.

It’s clear while watching The Mandalorian that these movies were an influence. The idea of a lone gunslinger that relies on his skills and wits to survive is ...

Still alive and well in Japan

Oh my blog, how I’ve neglected thee.

It’s been over a year since I made my last post here. Over a year since I’ve moved to Japan as well. And though I haven’t been active here, I haven’t been idle. I have been busy making new things and loving life here in Japan. Until I get ...

Words to live by (Video)

Jake Parker is one of my favorite artists.

I struggle with finishing projects. I enjoy the process of building and have a bad habit of trying to prolong it. I’m intimidated by the painting process and fear it can ruin all my hard work. But I’m also aware that nothing gets more notice than a finished ...

Hello internet! Welcome to SABI’s blog.

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

My name is Brendan and I love to build things. Every since I saw Star Wars for the first time I have loved robots and spaceships, worn paint and rust. It fascinated me that the ships and robots were dirty and worn. Things weren’t shiny and new ...