Projects built almost entirely from parts from different plastic model kits

Scorpion Gunship – Finished!

Finished painting up this kitbash I did some time back. It’s one of those projects that just came together so nicely while building it as if the parts were meant to go together this way.

It has a compact design and looks menacing and like it has some “sting” to it. All painted up it reminded ...

Walker Tank – Finished!

Finished the Walker Tank I built earlier this year.

I started painting it shortly after I completed the build, but like many I lost complete motivation because of the covid lockdowns. On top of that, Japan had a really wet and long rainy season for 2020. For over a month it rained daily.We didn’t venture out ...

Speeder Bike

I promised myself that I wouldn’t  start any new projects until I finished a few of the ones sitting on my desk.

But after being in a real funk I needed some motivation. I felt the urge to get back to the workbench and build something. I wanted to do a quick build, just a few ...

Walker Tank

A fun and quick kit-bash I did last year. Based on the part I used it’s 1/35 scale. Took about a week to build…that’s really quick for me.


The Osprey X-1

For lack of a better name, I’ll call this one “The Osprey X-1”. Just because.

I kit bashed this with parts from two Academy F-86F Sabre “Mig Killer” kits I had. I cut off the rear of both fuselages. I then turned one of them around and made a new fuselage. I had to widen the body a ...

Gunship (aka The Scarab?)

Not sure what to name this one. It reminds me of a scarab beetle At the same time, for some odd reason, it also reminds me of a frog. So for now I will just call it a Gunship.

This is a kit bash using parts from an AMT/ERTL Stap with Battle Droid  and Anakin’s podracer ...