Walker Tank

A fun and quick kit-bash I did last year. Based on the part I used it’s 1/35 scale. Took about a week to build…that’s really quick for me.

From these parts, I’ll create a walker tank.

I’ve accumulated the parts while here in Japan. Different hobby shops and hobby shows sell parts sprues for cheap. You never know what parts you’ll find.

I picked up the legs from in a hobby shop in Akihabara (Yellow Submarine if you go). They’re from a ModelCollect Walker Tank. They only had 3. I was holding off using them hoping the store would get more in stock, but thought this looked cool as a tripod. The other parts I picked up recently at the Tokyo Hobby Show. The dome is from a MiniArt Sharotank. Sadly, they only had the one. I would have bought many more if they had had them. Other parts include the display base from a AMT Jedi Starfighter kit, bits from the AMT Battle Tank kit, and other parts from a tank kit.

My original idea for this was to make another anti-grav/flying jellyfish type machine. But thought it was time to do something a little different.


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