The Osprey X-1

For lack of a better name, I’ll call this one “The Osprey X-1”. Just because.

I kit bashed this with parts from two Academy F-86F Sabre “Mig Killer” kits I had. I cut off the rear of both fuselages. I then turned one of them around and made a new fuselage. I had to widen the body a little to accommodate the cockpit in the new reverse position. I added a cowling from a Tamiya kit to cap off the front. The Sabre kit had a removable panel that exposed the machine guns. I covered one and added details to the inside of the other. I filled all the panel lines with putty and I’ll re-add them later.

The remaining halves of the two fuselages became the engines. I removed the rear rudders and turned them around so they swept back. Looks more streamline that way. The engine thrusters are from an Anakin’s podracer kit. The wings connecting the engines to the fuselage were from a unknown kit that happened to fit perfectly.

I was going to paint the cockpit before assembling the fuselage halves, but thought it’d get too messy as I had to do a lot of puttying to fill gaps. I’m usually a bit heavy handed when I’m doing things.
I’ll add details to the engines (pipes and wires) an exhaust pipe to the side, as well as panel lines. The engines need to be attached and detailed.