Robot Bust

Summers in Japan are miserable hot and humid. Usually too humid to use the airbrush, so I busied myself making a lot of new projects.

This was a fun little project. I started it just to be doing something. I didn’t have any ideas in mind other than I wanted to make something. I feel this is more of a sculpture than my normal builds because he’s 90% putty. He’s built on a ball of rolled up tin foil. The curved top is a cut piece from a gacha ball covered in putty. The rest are bits from the parts box. The antenna is the tope portion of a disposable chop stick. Here’s his humble beginnings. The basic shape was a wad of tin foil attached to a wire armature. I then attached the cut gacha ball and model bit in place and built the form around it. Model bits were used for more details and putty was used to further build up the form around them. The bits on the side were parts I built and cast copies of for a different project.

More details were added to the helmet to give it a fuller shape.  I cut a zip-tie (the green part) and placed it on the side of the mandibles. They are cheap and make great detail bits. A small plastic box that held leads for a mechanical pencil was used as a vent in the back. It just go to show that you can use anything for a build. Keep an eye out for things with cool shapes or textures.

For his body, I used the front piece from an old CPAP mask that I had and an old toy. I stuffed tin foil in and closed off the back with putty.  A lot of the detail in the neck cavity won’t even be seen once the head is on.

Almost finished. I just need to do a little clean up here and there and then it’s done.

Maybe some day with a little forethought and planning I’ll build an entire figure.

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