Medium Hover Tank

I’m a procrastinator. If it were a job, I’d be a professional. If it paid money, I’d be really rich and wouldn’t have to do anything. (I could hurt my brain if I followed that chain of thought.)

I spend way too much time surfing the internet looking for inspiration and cool ideas. Check out my Pinterest for some of my favorites. Once in a while I find a work of art that really inspires me to immediate action. Figafix’s Ma K hover tank is one of those works.

After seeing this tank, and the process he used to create it, the light went on in my head and I could see so many possibilities. It was soon after that I started to build my own hover tank.

I started with a couple of styrofoam eggs, a ping pong ball, an old XM radio receiver and a Slave One model kit. I cut the egg in half (not too carefully I must add) and glued the receiver on top. Two halves from a smaller egg were added to the side. I cut the ping pong ball and formed it around the front of the receiver. For the cupola I used the cowl from an airplane kit. Over this I added some milliput.

Originally, I had planned that the scale of the tank would work with 28mm Infinity figures. However I felt the tank would be too huge. So I decided to go with 1/35 scale. I made a pilot figure that will stand in the open hatch.

Other than the basic shape, I had no idea for the design of the tank. I was making it up as I went along. For the front of the tank I started with one idea, only to abandon it. It looked too much like a nose to me. I reworked it with the hood from a model truck kit and the front half from an Anakin Skywalker’s pod racer kit. The curve of the pod racer fit nicely to the front of my tank. Everything else just fell in to place after that.

I am going to redo the panel lines as they aren’t straight and are too deep. Other than that I will just add some small details (grab handles, greebles, etc).

Since I am so used to seeing it yellow like this, I am thinking of painting it a desert color scheme. Or maybe not.

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