WarBot! Now with hands!!

On last update for the night…

My WarBot! is now complete. The last thing to complete were his hands. I had originally intended to use some Gundam kit hands but they were too detailed and looked out of place with the rest of the model. Since WarBot! is modeled after the designs of Ashley Wood’s WWR robots, I decided I would copy the hand style as well. I wanted to do four fingers on each hand but went with three fingers and a thumb because I realized after I started making each individual joint for the fingers that I was either going to go blind or insane.

To make the tongue and groove I sawed a notch in the end of a piece of plastic and then glued a piece of “T” shaped styrene to the other end. I thought I was pretty clever for that. LOL.

The fingers do move and can be repositioned, but I will glue them to keep them in place.

I decided that I will stick with this being 1/35 scale. I can add more detail parts (stowage, tools, etc) that way.

Now that he’s done I’m going to explore making a mold and casting some copies. The arms, legs and guns are all removable so they can be molded separately. I think the backpack would pose a problem. If anyone has any experience on making mold and casting and can share any tips please email me.

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