Hello internet! Welcome to SABI’s blog.

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

My name is Brendan and I love to build things. Every since I saw Star Wars for the first time I have loved robots and spaceships, worn paint and rust. It fascinated me that the ships and robots were dirty and worn. Things weren’t shiny and new but looked used and lived in.  I would spend hours studying every detail of any and all photos I could find. I was hypnotized by all the details and trying to imagine what function they served.  I had the “Blueprint” and “Art of Star Wars” books that I wore out by flipping through their pages countless times. I dreamed of one day making my own designs pulled from my imagination.

But something happened along the way…I grew up and real life happened. Practically and responsibility silenced the imagination. The desire was there but the motivation wasn’t.

I have dabbled with model building and miniature painting on and off over the years since then but never completed anything.  I did more collecting of kits, parts, tools and minis than I did working on them. I kept telling myself “some day” I will start working on those things I always dreamed up.

Well, that time has finally arrived! Recent life events (retirement and divorce) have given me lots of free time. I have rediscovered that passion I had as a kid.  The excitement of limitless possibilities has returned and I have been in full on build mode.  My workbench is always cluttered with projects.

I will use this blog to display my finished works, show my progress on builds, pay tribute to things that inspire me and occasionally go off topic with things that interest me at that moment. That’s the plan anyway. I hope this blog will keep me motivated to keep going.

I have chosen the name “SABI” for my online alter ego. Sabi means rust in Japanese. I like rust. Sabi is also an idea that old things have beauty. Both are fitting for how I envision my finished projects.