Unnamed Droid

I built this guy with the idea of making copies in mind. My goal was to build him in multiple parts that could be put together. I’m used to making things as one offs, so this was fun to do.


For his body I used the cap (always with the caps) off an oversized pen my daughter had. It didn’t work anymore so I stole it from her. I mean, I rescued it from the trash can. I hate to see a perfectly good cap go to waste.

I cut a semi circle opening into the bottom. Then I glued a piece of plastic sheet as a backing and some parts from the parts box on top of that to form his belly. It has a bit of a C-3PO vibe to it.  Next, I built the body up around it with Aves Fix-It.

His head is made from plastic tube and various parts, including Legos (another source for cool parts). Again I used Aves Fix-It to fill in the gaps and build up the shape of the head around the parts.The crotch was built in the same manner as the head.

Still need to make up his arms and legs. I think when he’s all done he’ll be about 4.75″-5″ tall.
I want to make copies and make variations of this guy.