Hover Tank – Finished!

I finally finished my hover tank build.

This is another of my old builds that sat around waiting for some paint. At the time I built it I wasn’t too confident in my painting and weathering skills and I really wanted to do a good job on it. I felt now was as good of a time as any and that my skills have improved, so I dove in. I’m happy with the results.

I tried a lot of different techniques while painting this: pre-shading, filters, oil dots, streaking, pigments, etc. Most of which are very subtle but add nicely to the overall effect. The streaking was a bit tricky because of all the curved surfaces, I wasn’t sure which direction they should go, so I faked it best I could.

This was a fun build from start to finish. It was inspired by¬†figafix’s Ma. K hover tank build. I stumbled across his website early on in my scratch-building journey and it was a massive inspiration and invaluable resource for me. It was his work and his methods that really opened me up to the possibilities of what could be done.

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